DPI - (Deep Packet Inspection) Real-time data inspection

  • The validation of high-performance traffic shaping for network data and the creation of tools necessary for the implementation of RegEx rules in10/40G networks are part of our portfolio. In the context of this technology TITAN Commerce is working with Universities and public clients to develop new methods for real-time data analysis. We are currently also working with the developer www.radisys.com.   


VaD (Value-Added-Distribution):

  • TITAN Commerce has established itself as a successful VaD. Beside the usual logistic and storage services we also offer a complete support , which covers all aspects. From marketing to distribution, sales, purchasing, training, licensing, delivery, installation and maintenance to the ongoing support of resellers and end-users.  The product certification is an outstanding service. We will certify following products for you: TÜV – CE – UL – CCC – VDE – RoHS – WEEE – LGA. The production and marketing of TITAN network switches is very successful in industrial and machine- engineering sector. Here especially durable TITAN Industrial and Desktop switches, with useful certifications such as China CCC and UL 60950-1, are used. Analyzing tools from renown manufacturers such as Packet Design, Datacom Systems, Mushroom Networks, Hot Lava Systems and IW Networks complete our choice of products in the network segment on www.ipnetshop.com.

Distribution Bio/Neurofeedback

  • For years TITAN Commerce has been successfully distributing Bio-/Neurofeedback products to end-users from renown companies such as BioRadio(Great Lakes, NeuroTechnologies), NeuroSky, Muse, Interaxon, Melon, NeuroCog, Necomimi, Puzzlebox Orbit, Alchemy Technology and more. Our very own www.mindtecstore.com is one of the most successful distributing platforms for end-users in this segment. Contact us at any time and see for yourself how you will benefit from our services and let us lead you to success. We gladly accept new challenges. Contact us, your team will be there for you.