[ Marketing/Internet ]

  • TITAN Commerce has the Expertise to carry out conventional and online marketing campaign to create a presence on the market for your products and services.

[ PR ]

  • If you would like to send Newsletters and Press releases to the media and directly to Journalists, we have the tools to do just that. When the right occasion arises we will make individual appointments with Journalists at Events or organize a press tour.

[ Events ]

  • Our Experience ranges from large Tradeshows, such as the CeBit, all the way to small Seminars and Meetings. All required staff and required planning will be provided by TITAN Commerce.

[ Support ]

  • Because of your cooperation with TITAN Commerce you can offer your customers technical Support in their respective time zone and language. Depending on your wishes we can offer specific telephone and E-Mail support to directly respond to customer requests. Our developers have extensive IT skills (including network, telecommunication, security, big data and cloud services) and Neuro/Biofeedback (ECG, EEG, HRV).

[ Logistics ]

  • We have many years of experience in importing wares and distributing them in the EMEA region. A small warehouse used for daily shipments to our partners and large Warehouse used for pallet shipping are at your disposal. There are scalable warehouses in the immediate proximity of the Frankfurt International Airport and the Hamburg Shipyard. Our ERP system enables you a live view of your current stock. Our services are available as a partial pay-what-you-get model, also we offer all inclusive services.